“A few things you might not know about Jack…”

You know them moments when a person says something that makes your heart sink? Let me explain…

Friday was my final day at Search Laboratory, which was a little weird to say the least. It actually hammered home for the first time exactly what I’m doing and just how close it is. The whole office crowding round my desk at 5pm watching me open presents and make a speech was quite daunting, safe to say I’ll need a bit more time to prepare if I’m ever asked to be someone’s best man.

So I opened the presents, which included a new top, a “lads on tour” holiday kit, 100 Australian dollars and a few other things. Flattered to say the least!

I’m not sure which of these presents are jokes.

It was all going so well, then Freia, my manager, said “So, here are a few things you might not know about Jack…”


I didn’t have a clue what was coming, but I didn’t like the sound of it. I’ve been on too many drunken work nights out for her to mess with my nerves like that! Thankfully, they were (slightly) less embarrassing than I anticipated, so here they are:

I’m a “dishwasher detective”

Seriously, I bloody hate it when people stack dishwashers wrong. I really do. Call it OCD, call me a pedant, whatever. And before you ask; yes, there is a correct way to stack a dishwasher. Myself and my colleague Simon christened ourselves the dishwasher detectives, as we simply couldn’t stand to see crimes such as glasses and bowls on the bottom rack. It’s just wrong.

This is why I honestly think I’d be one of the best travel partners you could wish for. Not a single utensil will be washed incorrectly in the hostel kitchen!

Someone had actually put a fork on the top shelf of the dishwasher the other day. A bloody fork. Unforgivable. I do hope Simon carries on my good work.

I love karaoke

I like to think my specialities are the classic one hit wonder “Mambo Number 5” and pretty much anything by Lionel Richie (totally dependant on how much I have to drink…). Some might say the lure of karaoke bars is why I’m so desperate to travel South East Asia. They might well be right.

Malia 2009. Same songs – more hair.

I’m a Bruno Mars fan

Lies and slander. This is how malicious rumours start. He won’t be on my travel playlist.

My first email to my manager was a holiday request

It’s always awkward when you start work with travel plans. Way to introduce yourself, eh?

The result of my first work email – cheers Freia!

I once emailed a blogger saying “ffs”

Yep, really. Just an email saying that. Working in search marketing, you find yourself sending out lots of emails every day. Law of averages suggests it’ll go wrong once or twice. Safe to say the next few hours consisted of frantic pressing of the recall button and nervously waiting for a response (which I never got, if you’re wondering).

The moral of that story? Make sure when you want to forward an email, you press the big “forward” button instead of the big “reply” one. Simple in theory, isn’t it?

I’m an Olly Murs fan

Guilty as charged. Sue me.

Come on then..lets have it! What would your embarrassing stories be in this situation?


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