The Moment I Realised I Was Going To Be OK

I’m currently on a Greyhound coach from Coffs Harbour to Surfer’s Paradise. It’s boiling, it smells like 90% of the passengers haven’t showered in about three weeks, there’s a couple sat in front having the loudest sloppy kisses I’ve ever heard, but I’m feeling pretty good.

The reason?

I’ve just discovered that I think I’m going to be ok out here.

Let me explain. We’ve just had a 40 minute stop at a service station so that people can eat, drink, smoke, pee, do whatever they wish. During this break, a lone American girl comes over and asks my step-brother Chris if she can have a cigarette. The three of us start talking about our plans for our time in Oz, and Chris and I mention that we’re staying in a hostel in Surfer’s Paradise.

‘American girl’ (we didn’t get her name) instantly pulled a face upon hearing this.

My initial thoughts were; “Snobby cow”, until she followed this up with; “Woah, a hostel? Too expensive!”

Intrigued, we decided to dig a little deeper. It turns out that American Girl got a tax refund back in Colorado, and decided to book a flight to Sydney on a whim. She has the remaining $300 to spend, and has camped out in a tent since she arrived three days ago. She hitchhiked her way to Coffs Harbour and the driver insisted on buying her a Greyhound ticket up to Byron Bay. All I could say to that was; “Rather you than me!”

When you consider that the packet of cigarettes Chris just bought cost him $20, and that a beer in Sydney was costing around $10 on average, I think you’ll agree she’s going to need all the luck she can get!

I don’t know what I was worrying about!

How do you manage to travel cheap? Let me know your top tips in the comments (and I’ll pass them on if I see her in Byron Bay!)


4 responses to “The Moment I Realised I Was Going To Be OK

  1. Hi Jack,

    Keep this coming mate. it offers a different perspective on life as I sit dressing-gowned feeding Grace on this fine snowy Sunday morning.
    American Girl has some balls, I’m shitting myself worrying about the safety of her on the strength of your words alone. Good luck to her mind, she should last around a week before her mental state starts to take a turn for the worst and those dollars run out no doubt.
    Are you getting a job anytime soon? I wondered whether as an immigrant (albeit a temporary one), you would come up against prejudice when trying to get some coin in, I know there’s probably a lot of travellers looking for work but what’s the feeling of the locals when you pitch up and ‘pinch their jobs’. Good luck out there mate, stay safe.

    • Cheers Pete, hope all is well with you and the family!

      Yeah, a gutsy move from her. Then again we found a place with $2 steaks so she might be ok for now! Rather her than me I can say that much!

      Planning on working sooner rather than later if I’m honest, just not sure where! Got another couple of nights in Surfers Paradise and then planning my next stop. Want to see a few places before I settle! I’ve met quite a few people who’ve found work already, I don’t really think there’s much prejudice because backpackers tend to do the dirty work just to get a roof over their head!

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