Four Things I Learnt in Surfers Paradise

I didn’t expect to leave Surfers Paradise with anything but a massive hangover. Whilst it’s true that I had plenty of those, I actually learnt quite a few things in my six nights there. Don’t worry, I’m not going all serious on you here and having an epiphany or anything, but here goes.

Paradise…sort of.

You CAN have a cheap night

I arrived in Sydney and nearly collapsed at the thought of paying $9 for a beer. As a northern bloke, I’m naturally a bit of a tightarse, but this was seriously taking the mick.
I started my travels around Australia thinking “I need to get to Asia quickly”, but Surfers Paradise has given me a little more confidence in making my money go further. Thanks to the wonders of “goon” and hostel organised nights out, I managed to spend $4 one night. Can’t grumble at that.
I look “like an Andy”
The day I arrived here, someone told me; “You don’t look like a Jack, you look more like an Andy”. Everyone I’ve met so far has agreed. Annoyingly, it’s got to the point where some people have forgotten that I’m actually called Jack and even been confused when Jack Oldham has added them on Facebook.

Brandon, Andy and Gaz

My step-brother Chris, our roommate Jason and myself were christened Gaz, Brandon and Andy respectively. Somehow I don’t see those names catching on.
Everyone is Canadian
I don’t think this one requires any explanation. I imagine Canada is probably a very quiet place right now.
The taste in music is bizarre
Ok, a bit of a weird one this. I’ve heard the usual chart shite in the clubs and bars, no surprises there. It’s elsewhere that is confusing me.
Another honourable mention to Lou Bega here, he’s taking over this blog. Walking down the main street in Surfers and I heard a familiar sound.
As we got closer to the Ripleys Believe It Or Not museum, well…I couldn’t believe it (pun intended, sorry). I was hearing “Baby Keep Smiling” by Lou Bega. I appreciate the fact that me even knowing a Lou Bega album track is probably unforgivable, but I’m sure this will mean something to a very small group of my friend who will hopefully read this.
I’ve heard a few more 90s one hit wonders out here too, including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones twice (if you’ve not heard of them, their one hit was actually pretty good). I’m just waiting to hear Eiffel 65’s “Blue” and I’ll be happy.
Have you been to Surfers Paradise before? What did you think?



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