Brisbane: Australia’s Home of Street Entertainment?

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Brisbane. 

As has been the case with all of Australia so far, I didn’t really bother to do any research so was going in blind. I’d also heard mixed reviews, with some people saying it was their least favourite place in Oz and others saying the best. I reckon you could forgive me for being a little dubious!
On my second day here, I decided to take a wander down to South Bank. I had no idea what it was, all I knew was that there was a big wheel there and everyone always goes on about it. Fast forward 20 minutes and I’m stood in a group of around 30 people watching a guy ride a mini bicycle with a dog on his back.

You didn’t believe me, did you?

South Bank itself is a pretty cool place with plenty to do. The man-made beach and lagoon is awesome. If it wasn’t so bloody cloudy every day I’d definitely be down there. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be complaining about the amount of irritating, screaming kids running around, but I’d be there.
Carrying on with the street entertainment theme, I got a text from a mate on Sunday telling me about some bloke called “Passenger” doing a busking session on Queen Street the next day. I’d personally never heard of him, but he seems to be pretty big over here so we went down to check it out. Safe to say he’s gained a new fan here. More bands should do busking sessions.

There IS a musician in there somewhere 

To prevent me going onto a rant about modern day music, I’m going to move on. I was quite shocked to hear that these street entertainers do this for a full time job. Personally, I couldn’t think of a more terrifying prospect than juggling fire and machetes on a giant unicycle like the guy I saw yesterday (again…seriously) as a full time job. Each to their own I guess.
Understandably, they do ask for donations if you’ve enjoyed the show. I can handle that, even if I did leave two minutes before the donation hat got round to me (feel free to judge me). What I didn’t like was that every single performer has said; “I feel my show is worth around $10 each”. Apparently beggars can be choosers*.
Have you been to Brisbane? What’s the best street performance you’ve ever seen?
*I know they’re not beggars. It just seemed to fit.

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