Is Travelling An Escape From Reality?

It’s time for a bit of self reflection. I turned 24 yesterday and something hit me.

My mum had me when she was 28 years old. I’ve heard other people say they want to start a family by their mid/late 20’s, and I know countless others who have kids, are engaged or married and are settling down with a mortgage amongst other grown up stuff.

I realised that I’ve just turned 24, and I’m completely unprepared for any of those things right now or any time soon. Right now my priorities are saving (or at least trying to), planning more travels, and going on the lash with my mates. There’s so much more of the world I want to see before I even consider settling down and growing up.

Does there come a time when this has to stop being your life?

I guess the point of this post is to gauge opinion; is there a right or wrong way to live your life?

Obviously there is a morally right way to live your life…don’t go round beating people up and stuff. In other words don’t be an arse. However, I’m talking more about planning your life out.

The way most people I know have travelled, is to head out straight after university, get it done then head back home and look for work. I did things a little differently. I went straight into a job after uni and then quit to travel. I guess there were two reasons for this.

Firstly, I wanted to make sure I had enough money to afford to travel. I left uni with no real savings. My student loan left my account almost as quickly as it came in because I never learnt to say “no” (especially to cheap vodka). I felt that I needed to actually earn a bit of cash to see me right, instead of begging and borrowing off my mum when I was on the other side of the world.

The reason I was always skint at uni…

Secondly, I wanted to get some proper work experience under my belt for my CV. I didn’t want to go straight from uni to a travelling lifestyle and then come back feeling all sorry for myself because no one would take a chance on this kid who’s avoided a hard day’s work for the last five years or whatever. I now feel that I at least have something of a safety net with my work experience on my CV.

I suppose what I’m getting at, is that I’m now approaching that time where a lot of people want stability and a bit of routine in their lives. I, however, want the complete opposite. I want spontaneity. I want to have the freedom to get up and go do whatever I want and not worry about having to worry or plan too much.


I’ve always been a big fan of going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens…but does there have to be a point when you decide that enough is enough and seek the things mentioned above?

I’d be keen to hear the thoughts of travellers and non-travellers alike on this. Give me a shout in the comment box below!


4 responses to “Is Travelling An Escape From Reality?

  1. Personally I just can’t bare the thought of, for the rest of my life, working 5 days a week in a dead end job, just to look forward to the weekend and my two week holiday once a year. You only get one life, and what’s the point in living it if your going to be miserable.
    This is just my personal opinion, and I know at some point it will probably change and I’ll be looking for the house, and the job, and the wife, and the kids. Until then though get me the hell out of here!

    • Yeah exactly, that’s how I feel too. I’m sure the time will come eventually, just felt like I’m the only one who isn’t even close to contemplating that sort of thing, but the reaction to this post would suggest otherwise!

      Used to love looking forward to the weekends and the two week summer holiday. But when you go away indefinitely it’s such a difficult routine to enthusiastically get back in to. There’s so much more of the world I need to see before I commit to one place – I’m sure you feel the same!

  2. I’m definitely of the belief that I’m putting off so-called ‘real life’ by living the life I lead, but for the most part I’m rejecting the social expectation that I need to work five days a week, have a mortgage, raise 2.5 kids, retire, and die. It seems stupid to fall into this life that I wouldn’t enjoy just because that’s how the deck has been stacked.

    • Thanks for the comment Chris! I’m very much in your boat. Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the “expectation” you mention, it just couldn’t be further down on my list of priorities right now. Plus, who’s to say that all that can’t happen as a result of travel at some point?

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