Last Chance To Win A Trip To Sydney!

Regular readers will know that over the past couple of months I’ve linked up with Fly Scoot to help bring you guys the opportunity to win a trip to Sydney.

Not won yet? Don’t fret as there is one last chance to win the trip of a lifetime as part of Fly Scoot’s “Stretch or Splurge” campaign. The third and final instalment sees one of the pair embarking on a trip reminiscent of my very own easy rider tour before skydiving over the Blue Mountains. A skydive is yet another thing I missed off my Oz itinerary, and is something that will soon be added to my bucket list. I remember thinking when my bus to Cairns suddenly became empty at Mission Beach that I was perhaps missing out on something special. Live and learn!


Ok, so this is in Vietnam but you get the idea!

The stretcher has to make do with riding the world’s steepest train down the mountains. It’s a tough life, isn’t it?! I suppose my cynicism is slightly harsh – no one would want to watch a real tourist stretching the budget in Oz! Hands up who’d tune in to see a grubby backpacker making the same pasta dish seven nights a week. Didn’t think so.

The video is below and as ever, to be in with a chance to win the trip be sure to head over to
for further details.

Post sponsored by Fly Scoot.


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