200 Posts of Rambling Northerner!

It recently dawned on me that I’ve been writing this blog for quite a while now – just over four years in fact – since I left home for a trip to Australia which was sadly cut short in 2013.

In that time I’ve seen, done, and written about a hell of a lot of things I wouldn’t ever have dreamed about just a few years ago. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that people are interested too – people actually seem to enjoy reading about my adventures! I never thought there’d be enough interest in my ramblings that I’d actually have written 200 of them by this point, but there you go.

I’d like to thank my family and fri… In celebration of the 200th post on Rambling Northerner, I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of celebrating my top 10 most popular posts (the runaway leader annoyingly being the incredibly dull advice on what to expect from a CELTA interview), I decided to turn the tables and have a look at the less popular posts.

There were a few simple rules:

  • Posts had to be at least one year old.
  • No sponsored posts.
  • No gig or accommodation reviews.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 least read Rambling Northerner posts! Answers on a postcard as to why they were so unpopular please.

10) Controversial Coriander? A Visit to Tokyo’s Paxi House

This awesome restaurant always divides opinion, people either love it or hate it. Sadly, not so many people seemed to love the post!

9) Welcome to the Jungle

There are a million and one posts on the internet about Thailand jungle treks. This is one of them. Also, incredibly embarrassing to see how naive I was towards the elephant riding.

8) Hiking to the End of the World As We Know It (and Feeling Fine…Sort Of)

I hiked to a mind-blowingly beautiful viewing point in Sri Lanka, and all I came up with was this R.E.M pun for a title?

7) Kofta Takes the Chequered Flag in the Tokyo Kebab Grand Prix

Come on, that title alone deserves a read, doesn’t it? And also, who doesn’t like kebabs?!

6) My Five Favourite Travel Tunes

File this under ‘I’ve done nothing of note recently but I really should write something for the blog’.

5) What Not to Do On a Rainy Tuesday Afternoon in Tokyo

I thought I could save others the disappointment of discovering that Odaiba’s Pallete Town isn’t the same as the one in Pokemon, but they just wouldn’t listen.

4) Visiting Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors

Just like the Thai jungle trekking, I guess this has been done to death.

3) A Nine Goal ‘Thriller at Ajinomoto Stadium

Asian Champions League qualifying rounds, anyone? ANYONE?!

2) A Trip Down Memory Lane at Tokyo’s Pokemon Mega Centre

With the amount of anime fans that come to Japan, and the fact Pokemon was a staple of pretty much every kid’s childhood, I’m shocked at how little love this got!

1) My First…Baseball Game

No real surprises here, but I feel the video of the brilliant Swallows fan celebration deserves more love.

Thanks for reading! Here’s to the next 200!


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