In Pictures: Pamplona

A picture is apparently worth a thousand words, so instead of writing a few thousand more words about my trip to Pamplona here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip!

Sticking with the theme of food…

Getting into the festive spirit!

Pamplona seems to have an ungodly amount of flags.

The fella on the bench 100% knew he was in my picture, and didn’t look too happy about it!

Empty wine bottles and a soulless department store – the true spirit of Christmas!

Told you they were wine bottles…

It was bloody freezing at this point, I hope he spent the euro I gave him on a warm drink!

*Insert inspirational quote to be posted on Facebook here*

Seconds before he almost mowed down a family of tourists.

Light at the end of the tunnel, just like reading this blog post!


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