Three Cities in 36 Hours: Gent

If you read my last post you’ll know that my plan was to chance my arm at using my Bruges to Brussels ticket to have a stop-off in Gent on the way home.

Unfortunately within two minutes of finishing that post (yes, it was written in real-time!) the ticket conductor came round and stamped my ticket, which threw a real spanner in the works. Not to be deterred however I decided to get off at Gent and play it by ear. God loves a trier!

Sint-Pieters station by night.

I got off to an excellent start as I took the tram from Gent Sint-Pieters station in the wrong direction which was 100% Google’s fault and not mine. Thankfully I noticed after two stops and luckily hadn’t scanned my tram ticket properly, meaning I could use it on the return (and correct!) tram to Korenmarkt, which is where I needed to go for the main sights of Gent.

After finally arriving into the middle of the city where the main sights were, it was absolutely pissing down and I was freezing cold. I decided to sit in a bar and have a quick beer while it calmed down.

One of many churches I quickly took pictures of before escaping the rain.

And the rest, as they say, is history. I got drunk, befriended the bar staff, and don’t have a great deal else to say. To make up for that, here are a few pictures of random buildings in Gent.

…and another.

One more for good measure!

As you can imagine, my impressions were rather favourable! And just in case you were wondering, I got back on my stamped train ticket. Successful day all round if you ask me.


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